Love and War is the agency we wanted to hire, but couldn't find when we were on the client side. It is the company we wanted to work for, but couldn't find as creatives.

Instead of departmental silos, we wanted a single "go to" team that could attack problems, develop creative solutions, and execute across print, digital, and broadcast media.

We wanted to work with people who had an intuitive grasp of brand strategy and a knack for breakthrough creative. We wanted a streamlined structure and a flexible process. We wanted to work with people who would roll up their sleeves and get it done.

We couldn't find the agency we wanted.

So we created it.


Take a stand. It’s perfectly natural to want to fit in - to stick with what’s familiar and play it safe. But for a brand, playing it safe is dangerous business. To stand out, you must be willing to take a stand. 

Keep it simple. If a brand strategy or campaign rationale is difficult to understand, it’s probably wrong. The best brands are built on a simple concept. 

Great ideas take time. Sometimes. Developing breakthrough creative often takes a lot of time and effort. But not always. Sometimes the best ideas are the first to emerge.

Prototype early and often. Brand strategies, mission statements, and positioning concepts are often essential and almost always helpful. But the real test is creative execution. The sooner a strategy can be prototyped creatively, the sooner it can be evaluated and refined.

Stay open and inspired. Inspiration is an attitude – a willingness to entertain the illogical, to stretch beyond personal taste, to embrace what you may initially dismiss, to ask questions and stay curious. Look to everything and anyone for inspiration.


Love and War is structured around a core, multi-disciplinary team with experience in brand strategy, advertising, and design. Complementing this core team is a network of creative specialists.

 As a group, we have developed brand strategies, positioned consumer products, and developed advertising campaigns. We've made technical brochures interesting and readable. We’ve scripted and directed television and radio commercials. We've made websites and banners. Each member of our team brings different skills. But we are united by a passion for creative problem solving. Whether we are working for a Fortune 500 company or a small start-up, we approach every client and project fresh. It's all about keeping an open mind, seeing new possibilities, and staying inspired.

Peter Tashjian


Peter has over two decades of experience is in brand strategy and advertising. At FutureBrand – one of the world largest brand consultancies – he developed brand concepts for Fidelity Investments, Bell Canada, State Street Bank, Kodak, and Telefonica of Argentina, among others. As a creative director at Chadwick – a New York advertising agency – Peter led the brand strategy group and developed brand concepts for clients such as The Financial Times, ESPN, Kraft, Michael Page, General Dynamics, and City of Pittsburgh. Peter has also worked extensively in consumer products, developing branding and positioning strategies for companies such as Gillette, J&J, McNeil, and RealNetworks, among others. 

Eng San Kho


Eng San is an experienced designer, commercial director, and art director. While at Hornet Inc., he developed television commercials, branding systems, and advertising campaigns for MTV, Titleist Golf, Orbit Gum, Bravo, Smirnoff, and PBS, among others. Eng San also oversaw all branding and broadcast design as a Creative Director at Pseudo Programs Inc. – the world’s first online video website. His work has been featured in books such as “False Flat: Why Dutch Design is so Good,” and in publications such as “Ad Age: Creativity,” “Print Magazine,” and “Boards Magazine,” among others.