The Rediscovery of Florida Cuisine

In recent years, Miami has been inundated with restaurant concepts from New York, LA, and other outside areas. Lacking was a restaurant that truly honored Florida culture and cuisine in an authentic, credible way.

Working with Chef Kris Wessel - a third generation Floridian - Love and War developed the concept, naming, branding, materials, and communications for Florida Cookery at The James hotel - an culinary ode to Florida featuring homespun recipes and expertly rendered local, native ingredients.

Our work was inspired by Chef Kris Wessel's own family history in Florida, which went back generations. We incorporated vintage photographs, recipe cards, and mementos from from his personal archives into the brand design.

Handwritten menus and ample use of watercolors imparted an elegant, natural touch and reemphasized the personal, authentic qualities of the brand.

“...a spot that really celebrates Florida cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere.”
— The New York Times

Client: Denihan Hospitality Group