On The Haus 

Working with MGM, Love & War developed the full branding, materials, and activations for Vegas's largest beer hall - "Beerhaus," located in "The Park," an ambitious new retail promenade leading guests from the strip to the new T-Mobile Arena.

The branding draws from both classic American beer halls and Bavarian influences, with sturdy industrial treatments, throwback iconography, and other evocative design touches.

Beerhaus, branding, design, Las Vegas, MGM Resorts, Love And War

This being Vegas, we designed a dramatic oversize keg installation complete with a misting tap - perfect for Instagram and social media posts.



Hecho en Los Angeles

Working with acclaimed chef Raymond Garcia and Sprout Restaurant Group, Love & War developed the brand concept for "Broken Spanish" and "B.S. Taqueria" - two related dining venues in downtown Los Angeles.

In reflection of Chef Garcia's own upbringing, the branding draws inspiration from the culture and culinary traditions of both Mexico and Los Angeles to deliver not a "mash-up" or an "interpretation," but a unique, cohesive, and wholly authentic Mexican-Angeleno experience.


A Los Angeles City manhole cover - "City of L.A. / Made in Mexico" provided an unexpected expression of Broken Spanish's brand philosophy and was incorporated into both the graphics package and the interior design.


Classic L.A. iconography was restaged with the distinctive woven patterns of Mexico to reflect the restaurant's dual influences.

“Head to Broken Spanish in DTLA for an ambitious, modernist take on Mexican food”
— LA Times


Health is the new wealth

Cafe Clover, developed in partnership with restaurateurs David Rabin and Kyle Hotchkiss Carone, delivers health-conscious fare in a chic, upscale atmosphere that appeals to a fashionable downtown NYC clientele.

Accordingly, our branding --  included naming, visual identity design, and materials -- was designed to project a fresh, thoroughly modern sensibility that steered clear of the typically drab earth-tones and rough hewn aesthetic that most associate with healthy eating. First and foremost, this is top notch dining experience. It just so happens to be incredibly healthy.


The brand design carries a light touch while remaining highly distinctive - reflecting the Cafe Clover experience and also providing a suitably, clean, understated canvas for the food itself.

“Downtown’s Latest Spot for Eating Well”
— Grub Street

The branding work included the design of the Downing St. entranceway, conceived as an upscale rendition of classic barn doors.



Straight Out of Wynwood

With its fresh, authentic tacos, stylish interiors, and not-so-secret "secret" night club behind the kitchen, Coyo Taco has become an absolute phenomenon in Wynwood, Miami.

The branding we did for Coyo, including the naming, visual identity, signage, materials, and merchandise, builds on a playful mix of influences, including classic votive candle art, street taquerias, and the mysterious iconography of Mexican "loteria" cards.

Coyo Taco, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Wynwood, LOVE AND WAR

Our branding extended into every aspect of the Coyo experience, including the design of the store exterior.

Coyo Taco, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Wynwood, LOVE AND WAR
“Coyo Taco thought outside the burrito to become a Miami nightlife favorite”
— Miami New Times
Coyo Taco, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Wynwood, LOVE AND WAR


Hello Georgie

A chic indoor-outdoor dining experience at The Montage Beverly Hills by renowned chef Geoffrey Zakarian, Georgie achieves upscale refinement with an breezy, whimsical touch.

Love & War's branding for Georgie employs a singular palette layered with original line art to set a fashionable yet casual tone - a reflection of both Chef Zakarian's personality and the taste of the target audience. All while adding pops of vibrancy to the clean, elegant interiors by Gachot.

Georgie, The Garden Bar, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, Los Angeles, Montage Hotels, Beverly Hills, LOVE AND WAR

Our branding for Georgie extended into many different details and expressions, including the distinctive royal blue staff uniforms emblazoned with the freehand "G."

Georgie, The Garden Bar, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, Los Angeles, Montage Hotels, Beverly Hills, LOVE AND WAR
“The style is amplified by the servers, all dressed in stylish royal blue suits, accented with salmon pink ties. The design in combination with the uniform evokes a twinge of nostalgia for some distant era — perhaps a fancy dinner party at a stylish socialite-meets-intellectual’s Manhattan flat in the late 1950s.”
— LA Weekly
Georgie, The Garden Bar, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, Los Angeles, Montage Hotels, Beverly Hills, LOVE AND WAR

In addition to Georgie, Love & War developed the branding for "The Garden Bar," also in The Montage Beverly Hills.

Client: Montage Hotels / Interior Design: Gachot Studios / Photography: Sandy Ley, Eater LA, Celeste Wilson, Rick Lew, @theselect7

misteR dips

Like Shake Shack on Acid

Working with two-time James Beard Award winning chef Andrew Carmellini and NoHo Hospitality, Love & War developed the branding for Mister Dips - a hamburger, beer, and ice-cream stand built into a vintage Airstream on the elevated green space at The William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn.

Love & War's branding - including the visual identity, materials, signage, and the design of the Airstream itself - cuts loose with a wild mix of cultural references, celebrities, op-art graphics, and other influences to create a trippy, subversive mash-up of classic American tropes.

Mister Dips, BRANDING, DESIGN, Andrew Carmellini, Williamsburg, The William Vale, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR

The eyes have it. Why googly eyes? Why not! They're odd and interesting and, as we found, can be applied anywhere to humorous effect.

“Mister Dips is like Shake Shack on Acid”
— Eater New York
Mister Dips, BRANDING, DESIGN, Andrew Carmellini, Williamsburg, The William Vale, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR

Our branding included the full food packaging system, the design of the Airstream trailer, and even the numbered runner system, which has a little fun with some celebrity favorites, from A-listers on down. Way down.

Mister Dips, BRANDING, DESIGN, Andrew Carmellini, Williamsburg, The William Vale, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR


A Miami Art Deco Classic

Love & War's branding for The Hall -- a Joie de Vivre / Two Roads hotel -- presents a fresh take on the heritage and architecture of the building itself, a Miami Deco classic complete with curvilinear forms, vertical central tower, breezeblock details, and a lush central courtyard.

In addition to the hotel, Love & War developed the branding for all of the on-site F&B venues, including "Sunny's" - a breezy outdoor spot by Chef Spike Mendelsohn.

The Hall, Sunny’s, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Spike Mendelsohn, LOVE AND WAR
The Hall, Sunny’s, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Spike Mendelsohn, LOVE AND WAR

Classic Art Deco lines and contemporary graphics unite in Love & War's visual identity system for The Hall.

“Reinvented 1940s Art Deco hotel in Miami with an Olympic-size pool, free-spirited atmosphere and private beach access”
— Jetsetter
The Hall, Sunny’s, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Spike Mendelsohn, LOVE AND WAR

Brand design for Sunny's - a throwback "snack bar" by Chef Spike Mendelsohn - included original mascot design. Mr. Banana, Mr. Pineapple, and Senior Flamingo characters pictured above.

The Hall, Sunny’s, BRANDING, DESIGN, Miami, Spike Mendelsohn, LOVE AND WAR

the plaza

Central Park Legacy

Love & War was responsible for the complete overhaul of The Plaza Hotel's branding, including the development of a new logo and visual identity system, guest materials, advertising, retail packaging, and environmental graphics as well as the full concept and design execution of The Plaza's new website.

In addition to the rebranding of The Plaza, Love & War also developed new branding for the hotel's F&B outlets, including The Champagne Bar, The Palm Court, and The Rose Club. 

The Plaza Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, New York, LOVE AND WAR

The rebranding of The Plaza maintains the stature of the hotel and honors its place in history while remaining relevant to today's audiences.

The Plaza Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, New York, LOVE AND WAR

Love & War designed The Plaza's new website as well as all the different materials that make up the guest experience, from in-room guidebooks and amenities to product packaging.

The Plaza Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, New York, LOVE AND WAR

We worked with the legendary French plateware company Bernardaud to develop custom plateware and settings for The Palm Court.

The Plaza Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, New York, LOVE AND WAR

Our work also included redesigned plateware, settings, and materials for "Eloise Tea" - a favorite at The Palm Court for generations.

The Plaza Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Geoffrey Zakarian, New York, LOVE AND WAR


The Next Brooklyn 

Love & War developed the branding for Brooklyn's most prominent new hotel development in years:  The William Vale, an unapologetically ambitious and modern hotel designed to appeal to the sensibilities of Brooklyn's increasingly affluent and international visitors.

Working with Riverside Development, we developed the brand concept and positioning as well as the naming, visual identity, signage, guest materials, advertising, and website.

The William Vale Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR

Our visual identity system took many cues from the building's distinctive architecture, with its dramatic angular beamwork and unique profile.

The William Vale Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR

Our work began when the foundations of the hotel were just being poured, and continued until every last detail was designed and executed, including the floor numbering system pictured here.

“Williamsburg’s new, disarmingly cool hotel”
— Curbed New York
The William Vale Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR
The William Vale Hotel, BRANDING, DESIGN, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR
“The William Vale rises from its two- and three-story surroundings like an opulent monument surrounded by nondescript headstones.”
— The New York Times


The Air Up There

Love & War developed the branding for Westlight - a rooftop bar and dining experience by Chef Andrew Carmellini and Noho Hospitality, including the naming, visual identity system, signage, materials, and website.

Westlight, BRANDING, DESIGN, Andrew Carmellini, Williamsburg, The William Vale, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR

The visual identity system builds off of Westlight's stunning views - both in the gradients used and in distinctive perspective view of the logotype.

Westlight, BRANDING, DESIGN, Andrew Carmellini, Williamsburg, The William Vale, Brooklyn, LOVE AND WAR

Clarke’s Standard

As a Butcher Would

Love & War worked with The Clarkes' Group to create "Clarke's Standard"- a fast casual burger chain that evokes the vibe and experience of a classic New York butcher. Our role included the development of the brand concept, naming, visual identity, signage, packaging, dining materials, photography, website, advertising, and more - everything required for a five-location launch.

The naming and brand design was intended to convey a simple, timeless approach to the art of the hamburger. Simple and straightforward with a touch of nostalgia.

The work took well over a year, and included countless hours working with The Clarkes' Group team to get every last detail correct. Here we see an initial planning board with materials in development.

Everything in Clarke's Standard was custom designed and fabricated. This required ongoing coordination with a range of interior designers, signage fabricators, illustrators, and food purveyors, and many others.

In addition to developing the main "Clarke's Standard" brand, we also developed two stand-alone product brands for sale both within Clarke's Standard and through other venues. The first was "Little Clarke's," an artisan style ice cream served in throwback "dixie" cups. The second was "Thea's English Standard Tea," a line of lightly sweetened iced teas in a range of flavors and presented in milk-bottle style packaging.  

Client: Clarke's Standard / Beer Boy illustration: Mark Stutzman / Photography: Filip Wolak


The Rediscovery of Florida Cuisine

In recent years, Miami has been inundated with restaurant concepts from New York, LA, and other outside areas. Lacking was a restaurant that truly honored Florida culture and cuisine in an authentic, credible way.

Working with Chef Kris Wessel - a third generation Floridian - Love and War developed the concept, naming, branding, materials, and communications for Florida Cookery at The James hotel - an culinary ode to Florida featuring homespun recipes and expertly rendered local, native ingredients.

Our work was inspired by Chef Kris Wessel's own family history in Florida, which went back generations. We incorporated vintage photographs, recipe cards, and mementos from from his personal archives into the brand design.

Handwritten menus and ample use of watercolors imparted an elegant, natural touch and reemphasized the personal, authentic qualities of the brand.

“...a spot that really celebrates Florida cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere.”
— The New York Times

Client: Denihan Hospitality Group


Relaunching an Icon

One of the most famous resorts in The Hamptons, Gurney's was facing an intensified competitive landscape that had emerged with Montauk's recent rise in prominence as a destination for vacationing New Yorkers.

To help meet this challenge, Love & War worked with the Gurney's team to redevelop and relaunch the resort brand as well as that of its four on-site restaurants: The Seawater Grill, The Ocean Cafe, The Market, and The Beach Club.

A key point of inspiration for the brand was Montauk itself, which is known for its easy, unpretentious style and classic charm. Rather than try to "out-luxury" the competition, our goal was to reassert Gurney's as the authentic Montauk destination, with an effortless, understated sophistication differentiated from more rowdy, seasonally-driven competitors.


Our re-branding extended even to the smallest details, from the in-room compendium to clothing sold at the on-site boutique to new package design for the line of health and beauty products sold at Gurney's Seawater Spa.

“It’s hip, it’s young. There’s more of a vibe. The rooms are beautiful. It’s very cool now…”
— New York Post

Our work also included the rebranding of The Beach Club at Gurney's, the only on-beach dining in all of Montauk or The Hamptons.

Client: Gurneys Montauk / Photography: Filip Wolak

Stratton Resort, Vermont

Let's Winter!

Love & War develops and executes all of Stratton Mountain's advertising - including print, transit, out of home, and digital. The campaign we developed and have been running for over three years, combines classic imagery with contemporary language and references, helping Stratton engage younger audiences while reinforcing its position as Vermont's one true classic ski destination .

Punctuated with the tag line "Let's Winter," our campaign celebrates the joys of Winter and positions Stratton as the ultimate seasonal destination. New Yorkers may "summer" in the Hamptons, but they "winter" at Stratton.

The campaign appears on a full range of media, including print, digital, and a wide range of out-of-home billboards and transit advertising in and around New York City.

Client: Stratton Mountain Resort / Animations: Nicolas Fong


High Life

Working with interior designer Meyer Davis and legendary New York nightlife veteran David Rabin, Love & War developed the brand concept, naming, materials, and communications for The Skylark - a new rooftop bar & lounge experience in the heart of The Garment District featuring sweeping panoramic views and a chic, throwback vibe.

A key consideration for our branding was the evolving character of the Garment District. Once almost exclusively populated with fashion tradesmen and supporting industries, it had recently experienced an influx of high-end tech and media workers. Accordingly, we sought to create a brand that spoke to New York's fashion heyday while appealing to the sensibilities of the new crowd. 

Our work covered everything every consumer touch point down to the details.

Sometimes, it's the small touches that make all the difference. Here, instead of a numbered elevator button, we simply used The Skylark's logo mark to bring a sense of exclusivity to the arrival experience.

“…newcomer The Skylark is the crown jewel…”
— Travel & Leisure - America’s Coolest Rooftop Bars

Client: Savitt Partners / Interior Design: Meyer Davis / Photography: Gabrielle Stile, The Skylark

American Table by Marcus Samuelsson

Setting the Table

Working with Marcus Samuelsson, the celebrated chef behind "The Red Rooster," Love and War developed the brand concept, visual identity, and materials for "American Table" - his new restaurant at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall featuring an eclectic range of cafe favorites inspired by America's cultural diversity and international influences.

The visual identity we developed reflects a number of ideas simultaneously. First, the AT for American Table. Second, the form of a table itself. And third, the architecture of the building and the distinctive "A" shaped roofline that defines Alice Tully Hall.

Client: Restaurant Associates / Architectural Photography: Iwan Baan

Jimmy Soho

A Classic New York Bar. (18 stories up)

Working with The David Burke Group and nightlife veterans Larry Poston, Johnny Swet, and David Rabin, we developed the branding for the new bar on the rooftop of The James hotel, including the visual identity, materials, signage, and website.

Rather than splashy graphics, we opted for a simple, black and white palette and a classic typeface drawn from classic mid-century print publications. We also developed a handwritten "signature" for Jimmy, which was used on all printed materials as an analog sign-off.

Client: The Burke Group


Welcome to the New Santa Monica

In recent years, Santa Monica has undergone a significant transformation. Once a purely tourist destination, it now introduced a range of new restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and nightlife venues that have altered its culture and made it a legitimate destination for LA's younger set. 

Working with nightlife impresario Brent Bolthouse, Love & War developed the branding for The Bungalow, a new indoor/outdoor lounge in the front courtyard of The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows, one of Santa Monica's most esteemed hotels.

“…a little slice of sunny Baja in Santa Monica with carefully curated music and tasty SoCal food…”
— LA Times
Client: Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows / Interior Design by Studio Collective / Photography provided by client / 


A New Kind of Gym

With the rise of CrossFit, Boot Camp workouts, and other fitness innovations, the very concept of a "gym" has extended beyond standard weights, cardio machines, and aerobics.

It was with this in mind that we re-branded the former "Club H" in Hoboken into"Base" - a contemporary, wellness-driven fitness center targeting audiences seeking a more complete health experience.

Our work for Base included not only the naming and visual identity, but the development of a range of related products and programs, from a line of cold-pressed juices to workout gear to whole food energy bars.

The advertising campaign we developed for Base was intended specifically to cut against the grain of typical gyms, to reinforce the visual identity, and to provide a platform for the wide range of programs offered.

Client: Base NJ

The Arnold House

Very Relaxing

To successfully compete with flashier, fancier destinations, the key is to cut the other direction with a brand concept that wins through simplicity, humor, and personality.

For The Arnold House in Livingston Manor, The Catskills, we created a brand that reflected the rustic appeal of the property while also providing a sense of easy, unpretentious comfort.

Our work for The Arnold House included a range of brand activations, from picnic kits to house-branded retail items to events and activity guides, and more.

“Authentic” is a buzzword that boutique hotel owners like to throw around. Unlike most boutique hotels, the Arnold does feel authentic. The hotel is a labor of love…”
— Yahoo Travel


The Last Honest Bar in New York

Working with Philip Scotti and the team at The Clarkes' Group, Love & War refreshed the P.J. Clarke's brand and visual identity and developed its advertising, materials, website, photography, and other communications.

In addition to the core P.J. Clarke's brand, Love & War developed "Sidecar," a speakeasy style members-only private dining club that operates on the second floor of the original bar and is accessible through a secret side do

A bastion of old NY coolness, this circa-1884 East Midtown saloon is beloved for its first-rate burgers and raw bar, legendary bartenders and all-around fun scene
— Zagats
“The celebrated saloon is long in the tooth (120 years old), but a recent face-lift revitalized the old boy…”
— Time Out New York

 Client: The Clarkes' Group / Photography: Gabriele Stabile / Illustration: Mark Stutzman

The National Bar & Dining Room

A Grand Cafe Arrives in Midtown

When famed NYC restauranteur, Iron Chef winner, and Food Network star Geoffrey Zakarian wanted to launch a new dining establishment in Midtown Manhattan, he turned to Love and War to develop the brand - including the overall concept, visual identity, website, promotions, and in-restaurant materials.  Working closely with Geoffrey, Denihan Hospitality, and the Rockwell Group, Love and War created "The National" - an all-occasion "grand cafe" inspired by London cafes and French bistros, but with a unique New York City Twist.

Our work for The National covered the full spectrum, from initial concept to naming to design to development of all dining materials and signage, including the awning, exterior signs, flags, and more. 

The visual identity for The National included the development of a series of illustrations based on turn-of-the-century engravings that we mashed up in humorous ways. These illustrations were used across the materials, adding a dimension of wit and humor.

Our work also included the development of The National's website, which we modeled after a classic broadsheet, with a "masthead" running down the left side for all the most critical information.

“Love and War worked closely with Geoffrey Zakarian to create everything from the logos emblazoned on the staff uniforms to the ‘50s-style tableware…”
— FastCompany Design

Client: Denihan Hospitality Group / Interior Design: Rockwell Group / Original Artwork: Papercut / Photography: Katie Tully